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Recent photo shoots 2020

Hello all here from the depths of Covid-19 Pandemic are a few new images I've been shooting since about February here in New York with some of my favorite models . As an image speaks for itself I will try not to bore you with long descriptions but if you do have questions please feel free to comment or contact me . The photos I share here are more personal and were shot after I experienced my very first government imposed lockdown imposed by NYS Gov. Mario Cuomo . This shoot was designed to help me cope with a severe case melancholy and cabin fever from the lockdown . I also needed to prove I could return into the world of the living and be Joe photographer again snapping away photos that gave me a sense of normalcy to the new dystopian world we had just entered into . Hope you enjoy these photos as much as I did with the models that helped make it all happen ! .

( Model : Akira . Photographer : John McMullen (c) 2020 )

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